I’ve had it with water. I’m serious. I’m done with it. This afternoon, I got caught in a deluge on a walk with my dog at about the halfway point of our loop, a mile and a half in front of us, a mile and a half behind. We pressed forward with me wishing I’d had thought to bring dog shampoo along. At least then I could have made good use of the situation.

We arrived home soaked to the bone. I just about had time to change into dry clothes before the roofers arrived, positioning themselves in the middle of my living room to carry on a lengthy discussion involving plans and strategies concerning a mysterious hole in the roof that was causing it to leak from a different spot every time it rained. I was standing in their circle, chiming in when necessary, when I noticed my dog happily drinking from a deep puddle on the hardwood floor. A puddle that might have gone unnoticed if she hadn’t been so noisily slopping it up, though at some point I’m sure one of us would have spotted the sudden and precipitous drop in the level of the water in the fish tank.

Long story short…. my fish guy raced here at breakneck speed, getting here just in time to narrowly – according to him – avert 110 gallons of water and nine flopping fish from ending up all over my floor. Apparently the silicone holding the front piece of glass was fast becoming undone and the pressure of 110 gallons of water was making disaster imminent.

All this only a week after our flooded basement and shed led to five days of professional mold remediation. I hate water! Anyone know of any available desert homes?

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